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She's single is sisterhood of believers focused on living a life of purpose, keeping God first, self-love, healing, balance, & healthy relationships.
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Ministry is our way of life. We focus on giving love, offering help, and support as a sisterhood, uplifting each other with compassion through the word of God.

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Breaking Soul Ties E-Book
Now Available!

Living in a world that promotes and encourages free sexual exploration, it is easy to fall prey to a lifestyle of sex outside of marriage.
Unfortunately, more often than not, individuals who engage in this physical intimacy outside of marriage do it with little to no knowledge of its significance and its implications on their natural and spiritual lives. 
In Breaking Soul Ties, Dr. Audrey outlines the spiritual significance of fornication. She shares a descriptive list of how it creates bondage and goes against God's law. Moreover, she describes the relationship as false covenants providing biblical scriptures to guide you through healing, breaking the bondage of soul ties, to living a life of freedom.

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The Truth About Lonely


The Truth About Lonely - A Powerful Book on Combating Loneliness
In "The Truth About Lonely,"  Dr. Audrey sheds light on the symptoms of loneliness and provides practical solutions to overcome them. Her book reminds us that God is always with us and that we can turn to Him for comfort and guidance.
Loneliness is a feeling that can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. It can be a complex emotion, and many people struggle to find ways to overcome it. Dr. Audrey's book is marketed towards women, but anyone looking for self-betterment can benefit from it.

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She's Kingdom Prayer Journal Companion
Now Available !


She's Kingdom:  My Identity is in Christ Jesus  is  your Powerful Prayer Journal companion  designed  to guide  you on  a transformational journey of self-reflection, faith declarations, and embracing your true identity in Christ Jesus.

This journal is designed to be a sacred space where you can connect with God's Word, declare truths about who you are, and deepen your understanding of your identity as a cherished child of God.

Key features: 

           Daily Scriptural Exploration

           Daily Identity Declarations

           Daily Gratitude Declarations

           Daily  Reflective Journaling Space

           Daily Empowerment Through

           Faith  Declarations


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